St. Joseph Krankenhaus, new build and remodeling,
Bäumerplan 24 in 12101 Berlin-Tempelhof
Katholische Wohltätigkeitsanstalt zur Heiligen Elisabeth
Maria-Merkert-Str. 3
21465 Reinbek
Construction work:
  1. New main building (parts I and II)
  2. New physiotherapy building
  3. New paediatrics building
  4. New neonatology building
  5. Ward block remodeling
  6. Nurses' residence remodeling
  7. Extra storey new building part II
  8. New child and youth psychiatry building (in planning stage)

Architect for 1. to 3.:
Planungsring Dr. Jüchser, Berlin
Architect from 4.:
Planungsring Dr. Pawlik
Bundesallee 87
12161 Berlin
Construction period:  1979 - 2000
Total construction cost:  117.600.000 €
Fee structure:  III, low
Completed work stages:
HOAI, § 64, LP 1 to LP 6 and building physics /structural verifications (EnEV, acoustic and thermal insulation)
Construction type, new buildings I and II:
Precast reinforced concrete structure, column grid
7.50 x 7.50 m.
Construction type, other buildings:
Solid construction in brick and reinforced concrete, extra new storey in steel structure, ground contact structures waterproof construction, individual and strip foundations, base slabs.
St. Joseph Krankenhaus, Haupthaus
New main building
St. Joseph Krankenhaus, Flur in Aufstockung Haupthaus
Extra storey new building
St. Joseph Krankenhaus, Pädiatrie
New paediatrics building

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