Gästehaus Rheinsberg for the physically disabled
New build hotel with four buildings and underground car park
Hotel for the physically disabled persons
Schillerstr. 16
16831 Rheinsberg
Büro Sommerberger, München
Project execution plans and site management:
Planungsring Dr. Pawlik, Berlin
Construction period:  2000 - 2001
Total construction cost:  30.700.000 €
Fee structure:  III, low
Completed work stages:
HOAI, § 64, LP 1 to LP 6 and building physics /structural verifications (EnEV, acoustic and thermal insulation)
Construction type:
Solid construction, brick and reinforced concrete, wooden roofs, underground car park and basement in waterproof concrete, individual and strip foundations, in part slabs.
Gästehaus Rheinsberg
Gästehaus Rheinsberg, Tiefgarage

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