Garden city “Gartenstadt am Falkenberg”, new development of
150 semi-detached and terraced houses in Berlin-Treptow
Katholische Wohnungsbau- und Siedlungsgesellschaft mbH
Kleinaustr. 10
14164 Berlin
Quick - Bäckmann - Quick
Machaweg 9a
14532 Kleinmachnow
Tel. 030 - 805 87 70
Construction period:  2000 - 2001
Total construction cost:  17.900.000 €
Fee structure:  III, low
Completed work stages:
HOAI, § 64, LP 1 to LP 6 and building physics /structural verifications (EnEV, acoustic and thermal insulation)
Construction type:
Solid construction, partial basements,
underground structures in waterproof concrete,
stabilizing frame in the brick walls (Poroton) in reinforced concrete,
brick partition and internal walls,
concrete slab floors with filigree elements,
oflat roof construction.
Gartenstadt am Falkenberg, Computersimulation gesamte Anlage
Gartenstadt am Falkenberg, Simulation Häuseransichten

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